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“The Practicing Mind is quiet; it is not silent though because any activity contains thoughts. It is absorbed in the present moment. This comes from an awareness of the goal but at the same time a detachment from the moment it will be reached. Attachment to the goal which always pulls us out of the present moment comes from a false sense that we are incomplete in this moment, a sense of there is a perfect place and I am not there. That place is outside myself, in the future, not here and not now and once I reach that place this feeling will go away and I will be happy. It’s odd that no matter how many times we are shown that this mindset is a very unproductive paradigm we continue to cling to it.” –Thomas Sterner

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In 2005 the first edition of The Practicing Mind was written and self-published by Thomas M Sterner. It reflected the culmination of over 25 years of personal research into the intricacies of Eastern thought, modern sports psychology, and peak performance studies. Its goal was to communicate through everyday language and stories the practical application of the simple truths that were distilled through years of study and personal application.

The book’s success could not have been imagined and the second expanded version was published by New World Library in April of 2012. The resounding comment worldwide from readers of all ages and of all backgrounds has been, “We want more of this simple yet powerful wisdom.” The answer to that request is…The Practicing Mind Institute.

Here, at this online Institute, through the membership program, the upcoming online courses and the future seminars that will be offered around the country, you can create new habits of behavior that serve your happiness and your personal growth which makes this world better for all of us.

Stay with us, there is so much to come!

Peace Always and a Quiet Mind.

Thomas Sterner

Thomas Sterner | The Practicing Mind

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