As a mentor and coach, it is difficult if not impossible to effect any real change in someone in one session. That is why people read books, become inspired for a short period of time and then drop back into old habits. Serious personal change requires time, instruction, dialogue, objective observation from someone outside of the emotion and repetition of correct actions to master. It requires commitment from both the mentor and the client to achieve lasting and meaningful results. Because of this I only offer a single session to clients who have invested in at least one three sessions package.

A session is approximately one hour. However I do not believe in watching the clock. Though your session would not be less than an hour, if we are in the middle of a break through or an important discussion it could run slightly over. All sessions are recorded and you will receive an audio copy of the session. This allows you to focus on our discussion rather than struggling to take notes at the same time.

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A three month Mentoring investment package $5997.00 payable when scheduling begins. This is a deep dive program into the concepts of Present Moment Functioning and it allows us to really dig into applying The Practicing Mind concepts into multiple areas of your life.

We work closely together with a weekly session, follow up recordings for review and email support to stay in contact. One of the big advantages of an extended program such as this is the time itself because it allows challenging situations to cycle. Some challenges you confront may happen daily but others may show up perhaps once a month. A three month commitment really allows us to plan, execute and review strategies.
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A three session investment package is $1497.00 payable when scheduling begins. These three sessions can be scheduled anytime within six weeks of beginning our work together. I feel you need time to assimilate what we discuss in our sessions and time to begin integrating new concepts into your life. I limit the total time of the package so that I can stay close to your progress, discuss any unforeseen obstacles and offer encouragement, motivation and keep you aware of progress that you may not be noticing. Recordings of the sessions are provided and email support is offered up to three emails per week.
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A single session investment is $897.00. As stated this option is available for clients that have invested in at least one three session package. Again, it is not fair to either you the client or myself the coach to try and create any lasting change in one session. A recording of the session is provided as well as one follow up email.



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