Dear Readers,

Well it’s FINALLY here. After nine months of work “The Practicing Mind” Institute is finally launching and this is my welcoming newsletter. I have so much planned for 2016 and I am sure you will find offerings that will help you to accomplish more in less time, with less effort and without a sense of struggle.

Besides sharing useful tips in this newsletter, there will be a number of amazing events that hopefully you can attend. More on that in a future email. We have several online courses based on “The Practicing Mind” that will be launched this year through the Institute. One of those, a course for musicians of all ages will be out in the first quarter.

To celebrate the launching of this site I have decided to offer a substantial 20% discount on my coaching and mentoring program if you sign up for the free 15 minute consultation before January 15th and you make a commitment to invest in yourself with one of my coaching offerings before January 31st. I will give you your discount code after we get a chance to talk. This is a great opportunity for us to get together, make a plan and change your life in 2016. I can only accept a total of 10 clients in the three-month mentoring program and almost half of those spots are already taken so jump in, make a move and set up your free 15 minute consultation.

“The Practicing Mind” has become an international bestseller and this year will be out in eight languages. Because so many of you have asked me for more content I wanted to share with you here that last Summer I signed with New World Library publishing once again and the follow up book to “The Practicing Mind” titled “Fully Engaged” subtitled “Using the Practicing Mind In Daily Life” will be coming out later this year. Stay tuned for more on that.

It’s going to be an amazing year and we’re all due for one of those. I hope you will come along .

Thomas M Sterner
Founder and CEO of The Practicing Mind Institute

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