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A note from Tom Sterner…

Music, whether it be instrumental or voice, is centered on the concept of practice. As a lifelong musician, I have formally studied multiple instruments and voice. I have also studied composition, orchestration, and arranging. I cannot think of any one thing that is had more impact on my life or anything that I have put more effort into in terms of skill development.

When I first conceived of the idea for The Practicing Mind it was actually in an effort to find a solution for people that had the desire to learn a musical instrument but could not get passed the fact they just didn’t enjoy practicing.

During my 25 years as a concert piano technician, I interacted with the highest level musicians in the world on a daily basis. We often discussed practicing techniques as they related to what works and what doesn’t. Because I also routinely visited the same private clients over the years, I constantly observed both children and adult students of music starting out full of enthusiasm and then quitting on their dream of experiencing the art of musical expression. Having experienced that same frustration at a much younger age and overcoming it later in my life, I realized that I could provide a perspective that would give these people a paradigm shift regarding their relationship with music in general, the process of learning their instrument and the experience of expanding in an infinite art.

The Practicing Mind has impacted musicians of all ages and skill levels worldwide. It is a natural read for the musical artist, and it has brought many opportunities to speak at venues such as music universities and various music groups.

With the overwhelmingly positive response to the presentation, I have offered I decided to create a short online course to allow every musical artist to have access to it.

The presentation discusses not just the challenges of working at an infinite art form but also how to change your perspective on areas you may struggle with quite easily and how to implement many of the performance enhancing psychologies that are so prevalent in athletics today into your musical efforts. If you are not using this proven information in your musical studies, you really are working too hard. Something as simple as understanding how your brain learns a new skill the most efficiently, or how to be your own best instructor can instantly accelerate your skill development and alleviate your sense of impatience and struggle.

It really is true that in under two hours you can transform your experience of working with your instrument, (voice included). Though certainly an asset it is not necessary that you have read The Practicing Mind to experience this transformation. To celebrate the launching of this course with your purchase, you will receive a promo code that will allow you to download an audio version of The Practicing Mind for just $3.95. Together they are an incredibly valuable investment in your musicianship.

The Practicing Mind is being recommended by music schools and instructors all over the world, and this presentation consolidates the concepts in the book into a musician’s language.

Additional Courses to Come…

Tom Sterner

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