7 mini-sessions to change your life.

Bite-sized refresher courses narrated by Tom Sterner himself, perfect for refocusing during your coffee break or whenever you need to quiet your mind.

The wisdom of The Practicing Mind and Fully Engaged is now available in seven short, bite-sized lessons, narrated by author Thomas M. Sterner himself. In the time it takes you to drink a cup of coffee you can access the fundamental concepts taught in these two best sellers over and over again.

Short mini-sessions help keep you on track so you can:

  • Stop unwanted thoughts and their corresponding emotions from affecting your actions in stressful or challenging situations.
  • Experience patience and enjoyment in the process of achieving your goals, rather than always focusing on the next finish line.
  • Recognize when your mind isn’t quiet, and reel it back in through tried-and-true practice methods.
  • Transmute difficult situations into opportunities for mastering yourself.
  • Learn why you are perfect in THIS moment and much more…

Listen to the Introduction, seven sessions and wrap-up anytime you need to review and refocus on building your Practicing Mind. Just over 1 hour of content, accessible through Sound Cloud.


Please Note: Upon successfully completing payment through PayPal, do not close out of your window as you will be automatically redirected to the Course to listen to on SoundCloud. This URL is a private URL so please bookmark it for future reference. Also, please do not share the URL with others.

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