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“You need to review these ideas daily so that you can hang on to their clarity and perspective. Otherwise, life steals them away.” –Margaret Sterner

My mother made this comment to me when she was struggling against cancer years ago. It was during a conversation we were having about the concepts that I wrote about in The Practicing Mind. She was speaking to me about how when you work at these concepts on a daily basis there is a freedom that comes with it. But that freedom is easily lost, and we are pulled off the path if we don’t constantly review these simple truths….

When you try to change the way that you process any situation in your life, the sense of struggle you experience comes from the fact that you have deeply habituated the behavior you are trying to change. To overcome this, you need to create new habits of behavior and of course this takes practice, repetition with intention, and the cultivation of self- awareness (an observer’s perspective of what thoughts your mind is creating without your permission). Practice brings ease of execution because it brings mastery. Through practice, your ability to express yourself however you wish becomes more and more effortless. But you can also learn to enjoy the process of practicing itself.

A famous violinist once said “If I miss one day of practice, I notice. If I miss two days of practice, my wife notices, and if I miss three days of practice, the audience notices.”

This is the value and the take away of joining TPM Institute. It gives you a way to bring a new mindset into your life on a daily basis. It offers you the repetition, and constant reminder of concepts and ideas necessary to stay on your path and it recharges your inspiration. So many times when we discover something new, we get full of excitement and enthusiasm about the potential it holds. But it is near impossible to sustain that energy and commitment without external support.

If you struggle with feelings of being unfocused, stressed, and constantly dealing with a hyper active mind you are not alone. Modern research has shown that as our culture has demanded our brain work faster to keep pace, it has evolved to do so. But we are also losing our ability to quiet our mind and to focus our attention in on one activity at will. We are out of balance.

If you find that even though you don’t like the way you react to certain situations you continue to do so, it is because you lack a better understanding of habits, how they are formed, why the brain likes them and how to use habits to serve you instead of you serving them.

The basic membership is absolutely free and offers you some great gifts to start with (see side bar). Premium paid content at the next level is on the way, and you will be notified when that is available in case you are interested. There you will be able to interact with Tom Sterner more directly and be part of growing his growing global community.

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